Monday, 28 November 2011

Stay Asleep (Regression Volume 2) - Nate Young

Ol' wolf eyes is back. Couldn't resist that. Barry White and Nate Young...what do they have in common? Nothing other than Young claims to have seen people having sex at a Wolf Eyes gig and many have done the same, I would think, if only in their heads, at a Barry White gig. Women, of course, because to my knowledge BW is not a Love God to men, which is not to say that many a man has not formed the beast with two backs whilst playing (not listening to) a Barry White album - dirty rotters. I've never liked the idea of playing music whilst shagging, let alone having Wolf Eyes melt your brain with their sonic mess at the same time. Here, though, Nate offers an alternative to the nihilistic Noise of Wolf Eyes, just as he did on the first volume. That did, however, contain traces of his work with the band, whereas this is more restrained, refined. As he said in a recent interview: 'I am focusing on technique and structure more than visceral aesthetics.' This is all studied technique and simple structuring that works brilliantly. Yes, less is more, and the finest of touches in the mix make for a minimalist study in stereo dread. First listen I thought nothing much happens but the mood is fantastic. Several plays later, I realise that nothing much happening is a great alternative to the full-on scream of aural terror. 'Stay Asleep' is the sound of footsteps getting closer...things that murmur in the night...unidentifiable noises...wonderful.


This is my upload of a track from the first 'Regression' album.

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