Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Holy Barbarians - Lawrence Lipton (Four Square Paperback 1962)

I featured the hardback here, which is far superior, but seeing this I couldn't resist it, especially at £1.49. The good thing about this beat-en up copy is that it looks like it might have travelled in the back pocket of an aspiring British beat circa '62 as he waved bye-bye to mummy and daddy with just a duffle coat to sleep in whilst dreaming of being Jack Kerouac but after five days looked homeward because it rained too much and motorway caffs just don't have the glamour of diners and there were no big rolling trains to jump into or Jazz joints to discover. I was going to hit The Road once but got as far as the door when Mum said 'D'you want a cuppa tea before you go?', and I did. And that was the end of that.



  1. I ran away from home once. Only it was Sunday and I had no money and nowhere to go. And the next day was a Bank Holiday Monday. I had no chance. I lasted about three hours and then watched my house from the corner of the street before trying to slope back in unnoticed. Didn't work. Whack!

  2. Heh-heh. Thomas Wolfe was wrong - you CAN go home again!


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