Sunday, 16 October 2011

Subliminal Sounds, Erik Satie, Bernard Estardy & California Cool

What I've been listening to over the last couple of days. 

Harmonica-led Easy Listening from 1960 complete with typical-of-the-time whizzy special effects in spectacular stereo which graft the notion of sonic modernism onto otherwise soporific arrangements. But what a cover!


'I often regret having come into this petty world; not that I hate the world. No . . . I love the world, I love high society and even the demi-monde, since I'm a sort of demi-mondaine myself. But what have I come to do on this Earth, which is so earthly and so earthy? Do I have duties to perform here? have I come here to carry out a mission-a commission? Have I been sent here to amuse myself? to enjoy myself a little? . . . to forget the miseries of a beyond, which I no longer remember? Am I not unwelcome here? What should I say to all these questions? Thinking, almost from the moment of my arrival, that I was doing some good down here, I began to play a few musical airs which I myself had invented. . . . All my troubles stemmed from there.' Erik Satie



Glyn Callingham used to educate me when he worked in Ray's Jazz Shop in the 80s. The other day I found this book, which he produced with Graham Marsh, for just a fiver. That's a bargain. It's now a bit pricey on Amazon but worth every penny.

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