Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crime Jazz! Chandler, Hammett & Private Eye Sounds From Enoch Light and Skip Martin

Down these mean streets...

First up a great Crime Jazz album from Enoch Light (& the Light Brigade!). Enoch strays from his usual Easy territory into the dark back streets with sassy brass arrangements and big hitters like 'The Gang At The Green Grotto' and 'Dirty Work Underfoot', along with irresistible titles such as 'Blonde Bombshell' and 'Gum Shoe Lullaby'. What a cover! Recorded in 1959. If you want it, Listen Hear.

Yes, it's Hammer time (sorry, couldn't resist) - the soundtrack to the TV show, tunes by Dave Kahn & Melvyn Lenard, arranged by Skip Martin. 'Coffee House' has been a long-time favourite of mine but the whole album is as solid as Mike's muscles, and like his right hook, it swings! Listen Hear.

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