Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cooking Courgettes Nude With Grayson Perry & Jean-Luc Godard Whilst Listening To Jerry Fielding & Fred Myrow During The Wall Street Protest

That would be a ridiculous title for a post, the kind designed purely to capture readers via search engines - readers who would click away in disgust very quickly upon discovering that I am not writing about any of the above - up there - in the title.

WANT WANT WANT - it's like having a brood, a big brood, say 12 (slightly less than my regular readership), of kids bawling 'GIMMME SOMETHING! GIMME SOMETHING!' - you trawlers, surfers, clickers, roamers of the internet - you might want music. If I was to point you towards anything right now, it would be Eduard Artemiev's soundtrack to 'Solaris', or Jerry Fielding's 'Demon Seed', and Fred Myrow's 'Soylent Green' soundtracks - because all three are brilliant examples of moody, atmospheric, intelligent, film composer work - but I shouldn't give you anything because you're too needy.

Here's a film still.



Then bugger off.

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