Friday, 9 September 2011

The Tomb Of The Cybermen Soundtrack

The Cybermen frightened the hell out of me as a kid, as did school, which I seem to have been programmed to fear from birth. I haven't watched old episodes of 'Dr Who' since the 60s. The effects may now look hilariously cheap, but preserved in memory alone the show remains special. As a memory, it remains awe-inspiring, intriguing, and yes, frightening at times. The renewed interest in BBC Radiophonic Workshop sounds has, however, proved to be a great sonic adventure on a par with the visual experience we children of the 60s encountered. The soundtrack to 'Tomb Of The Cybermen' is a real treat. It's short, but contains such gems as 'Astronautics Theme', 'Space Adventure' and 'Desert Storm'. Here's the link.

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