Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Monkees Annual - The US Scene 1967!

From The Monkees Annual I picked up the other day. It's great fun, just as you'd expect from those anarchic boys, and a notch up from the usual fan fodder of Pop annuals in terms of wit. I scanned these pages large, hoping that a click on them should make the text readable. I like the fact that the owner has ringed the 'Week nights' section. I've no idea what the writer means when he/she says, re the 'Discotheque', that 'the music you'll hear will probably be more traditional than jazzy', although I've had the same problem many times. 


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  2. The new Lightbox display function which appears when you click on an image requires you to then click on the blog link address on the same page to view the selected image as you could before. Hope that's clear. I've only just worked it out. Google: fixing things that weren't broke.


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