Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Exploration Of The Moon - Arthur C. Clarke & R.A.Smith 1954

Ah, yes, an age of optimism, even though the space race had not begun in earnest. Here Arthur C ponders the possibilities. 'No barriers remain that can keep us from the planets,' he declares in the introduction. 'If we have the will and the ambition to go there.' Indeed. He forsees the day when 'the Moon is only a suburb of the Earth' (filled with identical houses and people pouring into overcrowded space ships for the commute to the city?). Note the ladder being used to cross a ravine, and the 'Lunar Gymnasium' (because everyone on the Moon will be fitness fanatics).  The 'Hydrophonic Tube' shows a nice crop of what look like beans being harvested. 'Many astronomers are convinced, from their observations of colour changes on various parts of the Moon, that there is a certain amount of lunar vegitation,' writes Arthur. Section 45 just contains the words: 'The price...' (junk-filled crater illustration) - ending on an eco-warning, there. The cover scan, by the way, is culled from the 'net since mine, sadly, lacks one. Hope you enjoy these illustrations from a scarce book.









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