Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Invasion Of The Hooded Monsters!

If you’re reading this, hello, if you’re’re’re probably doing something more interesting...and I can’t be addressing you, can I? Someone commented on something I wrote the other day and it shocked me into awareness of the fact that what I write might be read by someone else. I must be mindful of that in the future. Not that it will make any difference to what I write. One can’t be too self-conscious in this business. Of course, I do write as if addressing a reader, but usually that reader is me and my imaginary readership – if that makes sense. After all, with so few comments, I can only imagine a readership. Not that I crave comments, as some bloggers seem to – and if I had loads of comments to reply to every day my responses would take up too much time, precious time which could be spent staring out the window...looking out for the Return Of The Hooded Monsters which, as you may have read, recently invaded London. The sequel to The Invasion Of The Hooded Monsters will probably be less interesting, as sequels usually are. Who directed the first one remains a mystery, although I heard it said that more than one person was involved, and they wore balaclavas. Perhaps it was a powerful cell of anarcho-nihilists hell-bent of rejoicing amid the ruins of society yet, I suspect, with no clear programme of what to replace those ruins with. Such is the nature of the anarcho-nihilist – they wanna destroy passers-by, and symbols of the capitalist system. Not that banks were touched by the Hooded Monsters, as far as I know. Their primary task seemed to be to steal as much sportswear and designer gear as possible, along with booze, sweets and fags. This leads me to think that there’s a severe shortage of these things where they come from...a dying planet where people fight over the last remaining pairs of Hugo Boss jeans, and kill each other for their white trainers. Water and food is bountiful, but people are gasping for fags and booze. But this was no B-movie, it was real, yet as I watched the horrors unfold it all took the form of a sci-fi disaster movie. Dark hooded shapes swarming through the streets, fighting the police whilst buildings and cars burned all around them. ‘War Of The Worlds’ seems like a more apt title for this ‘movie’. And for all that the majority understand these ‘invaders’, they may as well come from Mars.

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