Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Strange One & The Hustler - Kenyon Hopkins

I was going to write a long piece explaining the meaning of our existence in a modern world seemingly bereft of belief and purpose other than to idolise material wealth and download as much music as possible but I got waylaid by Kenyon Hopkins. Who? Yes, right, a soundtrack composer who scored ‘The Strange One’ (1957) and ‘The Hustler’ (1961). I’ve had ‘The Hustler’ soundtrack for some time but only just got ‘round to really appreciating it – you know how it is. ‘The Strange One’ is new to me, and I’ve digging (as us middle-aged hep cats say) that very much. The artwork suggests it’s an adaptation of a Genet novel, but a quick look tells me it’s not, although it does apparently have ‘homoerotic undertones’, so there is a link. You know I have big eyes for Tevis’s novel, ‘The Hustler’, and the film, naturally, because aside from anything else, I still believe Newman to be cooler than  his arch rival in the silver screen heartthrob stakes, McQueen. Both soundtracks are brilliant in just the way you want soundtracks to be from this period; jazzy, top draw arrangements. ‘The Strange One' belies its time with some greasy R&B swingers included.

Listen Hear

Listen Hear

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