Friday, 29 July 2011

Memories In Vibration - A Mix feat Ennio Morricone, Delia Derbyshire and More

I’m virtually a DJ, doing a virtual mix – my first, so forgive the volume variations in places. It was a strange experience for an old-timer like me who can remember picking up those black shiny things and laying them on actual turntables. Whilst this was fun to do, finding the tunes in my online library was a lot more time-consuming than flicking through a box, of course; a box which I would have already loaded with what I wanted to play. On the plus side, nobody came up and asked me to play ‘Something I know’. Or worse, such as the time a girl asked me for ‘something funky’ whilst the JBs were playing – a true story. No floor to fill in this case either, and whilst that was a joy when I succeeded, the freedom of compiling music to listen to is a great pleasure too. In case you’re unfamiliar with some of the names, it’s an kind of thing. 

Listen Hear


  1. Greetings...I like your Blog...pity I missed this mix....that's funny about the JB's....I'm guessing it will take me a month few months to catch up with your backlog blog but it will be a joy!

    1. Thanks deebowen. I'll be re-upping this mix soon so keep an eye out for it. It'll appear as a new post. Hope you enjoy what else is here.


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