Friday, 10 June 2011

Sei Composizioni - Egisto Macchi

Egisto Macchi only gets this on Wikipedia, which is absolutely shameful, and made me dig a little deeper to get more info and finally find it here.

This album is a kind of masterpiece, if you can have a ‘kind of’ masterpiece. It’s orchestral, choral, electronic, frequently on the dark and sombre side, and most definitely leading the field in the Orchestral Hauntology genre which, as you know, has taken over in popularity from plain Hauntology, Industrial Hauntology, and (that’s enough of that).

Although there’s a track called ‘Computers’, even that doesn't conform to normal schools of electronic sound circa ’75 – you know, Wagnerian grandeur, quirky noodling, or ‘Look, I've just bought a Moog’ exuberance. This sounds more apocalyptic, more of a reflection on the possibility of mechanised Armageddon in the form of creeping terror wrought by circuitry seeping into the soul of humanity accompanied by constant ticking. Chords of doom echo throughout ‘Per Cembalo’ whilst other...things...scurry around. There’s even some brief fuzzed guitar on ‘Allunage’ adding a hint of the maestro, Ennio, to the proceedings. A magnificent album in a neo-classical, suspenseful mood.

Listen hear. (new link 2013)


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