Monday, 6 June 2011

Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By!!! - Frugging In Outer Space With Love Machine

Sheer ‘lunar sea’ – well, track 8 is anyway (that’s the title) – and not in the Drexciyan sense of cosmo-mythological aquaticism either, you won’t be surprised to learn.
   As you can tell by the cover this is very much of its time, 1968, and there’s a cartoon representation of Lennon, his head exploding in a Technicolor trip!
   I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t like this album as much as I do – it’s wrong – it’s got one foot in twangy surf music of old, and another in a cartoon Future that’s part Jetsons, part Jean-Jacques Perrey. How can it fail? Easily, you’d think, but it never fails to make me smile inside every time I play the stoopid thing.
   Imagine frugging in outer space because you took a rocket ship to Mars in 1965. They throw a lot in, along with the kitchen sink (or the kitsch In-Sync with late-60s fun time freekiness). ‘Zen Quake’ starts with some sonic strafing like that used by Lee Perry before it remembers what it’s supposed to be, ie, party music for swinging astronauts, and a sax starts up, played in pure Vegas grind style. See what I mean? It’s madness. In the middle of ‘Bells for Eternal Zoom’ they drop some dubbed-out freeform psyche, and listening again, I hear something new, and odd, in almost every track. Mind-blowing, man.

Listen hear.

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