Sunday, 12 June 2011

Birds, Blues & Brass

Two recent bargain bin finds. Covers scanned rather than photographed. Doctor, please help me, I’m compelled to buy this sort of thing.

Stan Butcher his Birds & Brass, 1965

‘These SUPERSTEREO Albums bring to you a new concept in stereo recording. For, until now, most stereo has been of the ‘gimmick’ type exploiting the techniques of stereo whilst not fully realising the true musical value of the performances.
Now, CBS Records are proud to present the recordings you have really wanted. The lush sounds of big, famous orchestras and the exciting rhythms of instrumental groups – flawlessly recorded. Spectacular records, but records that faultlessly retain the superb artistry and dramatic arrangements the artists intended. Superstereo will bring out the full potential of your playing equipment.
You will thrill to the sound of Superstereo.’

I still cannot believe this 'Blues & Brass' cover. It was 1970, and Deacon Records (England) tested the limits of tawdry, exploitative album cover ‘art’.

‘A tremendous rhythm section!
A terrific instrumentalist!
A great brass section!
It all adds up to excitement which is Blues & Brass!’


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