Saturday, 14 May 2011

Omaggio Ad Einstein - Moggi (Piero Umiliani)

‘Nasa's Gravity Probe B has produced remarkable new confirmation of some key predictions by Albert Einstein. The satellite's observations show the massive body of the Earth is very subtly warping space and time, and even pulling them around with it. Scientists were able to see these effects by studying the behaviour of four perfectly engineered spinning balls carried inside the probe. They are significant because they underline once again the genius of the great German-born scientist...’ BBC News

Here's Piero Umiliani, travelling through time and space, all the way from 1976, when he made this album in the Sound Workshop studio. The title in English is ‘Tribute To Einstein’. In light of the recent news, it seems fitting to play it.
   Most of the tracks are under two minutes long. It is beautifully simple music, and is therefore a fine antidote to the complexities of scientific theory. Like its creator, it pushes all the right buttons.
   Listen hear.

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