Saturday, 16 April 2011

Speedball Experience - Murder In The Library, Italian Style

The bunker’s crawling with Italian cops and robbers – there are bodies in the library music and Miss Marple’s no use. This is something to do with the criminal side of Italian music, but I don’t know how, exactly, and I don’t care enough to research. More Italian cops have entered the sonic scene here recently, but this is currently the one being spun the most. It’s littered with great drum breaks, devilishly ‘groovy’ organ-playing, and plain good vibrations, so good they make you want to board a time machine back to Naples circa 1971, do a jewellery heist and flee whilst firing from the window of an Alfa Romeo before meeting up in a farmhouse, shooting your partners in crime and heading off to a villa in Rimini where your fur-draped beauty awaits. But after you’ve formed the beast with two backs she pulls a Beretta from her bag, locks you in a cupboard and makes off with the cash.
   Much ecittamento.


  1. This looks just up my alley, cheers!

  2. any chance of a re up or post @ the chicken

  3. Greetings Edward. Try here again.
    So many treasures from the dusty digital vault need to see the light again.


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