Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002

Genius blah blah...of course, it’s obvious, and listening to it all may well give you ’19 Headaches’, but oh what sweet pain that would be. From the ‘rave’ sound of  ‘Cavity Job’ to the frantic tick and squiggle of ‘Cap IV’ with its contrasting doleful piano, we witness the dynamic duo’s digression from the norm. By 94’s ‘Lost’ they were already well on the way towards greater abstraction, warping (ha-ha) drum ‘n’ bass and electro as they saw fit, as shape-shifters supreme, the boys would keep on mutating the elements.  By ‘EP7’ (1999) they’d reached a high point in the art of sophisticated sonic sabotage with sounds far beyond the comfort zone of genre, reaching some fantastic place on the other side where your ears are both assaulted and massaged, frequently at the same time. Yet with ‘Dial’, from ‘Gantz Graft’, they were still capable of touching some remote base back on Earth (Detroit), whilst in hyperdrive through their unique parallel universe.  

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