Thursday, 20 January 2011

Foam On The Waves Of Space And Time - a.d.l.r

Nicholas Morera says hearing Anthony Braxton at the age of 14 was a formative experience. He talks of time as an infinite grid, as well as the idea of timbre being inseparable from harmony or sonority. From this you may rightly deduce that this debut is not filled with banging beats, bass music, or ordinary ambient music for that matter.
   Composer Gerard Grisey is a major influence, the title ‘Foam On The Waves Of Space And Time’ referring to Grisey’s ‘Le Temps et l’Écume (‘Time and Foam’).
   Morera channels various mediums through Ableton Live software in order to set about shifting time and space for his spectral compositions. Here is a blurred mosaic of sounds, some of which are familiar, such as the fleeting appearance of a post-industrial or click beat, or a saxophone played very much in the style of rigorous new classicism, rather than Ben Webster, and a hint of jazzy drumming. None of these elements create a definite flavour, but crop up as pieces on the cosmic grid of time. And here time does distort. The tracks are seemingly both endless and a nanosecond long. They’re accessible and remote. As such, there’s nothing here to immediately set the pulse racing, or sooth the soul. But there is mystery. This quality ensures an ongoing curiosity. Sometimes that is preferable to the comfort of familiar musical genres.

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