Friday, 17 December 2010

Interzone - John Zorn

Words falling...notes falling...
   New York’s post-No Wave Freeform Orientalist Metal Jazz soundtrack master musician (?) embarks on a three-part trip through Interzone via almost as many musical styles as there are plagiarised lines in the average Burroughs text.
   It starts in the bazaar and moved like a giant black centipede through Avant-Rock, Improv, Free Jazz and more regular grooves, with all contributors getting an improvisational fix along the way.
   Like The Zone, this is a vast building, each track being a room that bulges to accommodate the players, so Medeski, Wollesen and Ribot make the most of the space. There’s also an electronic element from Ikue Mori.
   Howard Shore and Ornette Coleman have already laid down one trail with their soundtrack to the film, ‘Naked Lunch’; here Zorn find his own. It’s as rewarding and challenging as the words that fell from Bill and Brion’s blades and undoubtedly the best sonic tribute to them so far.


  1. Thanks for the post. I'll be hosting a four hour Zorn retrospective (part 1) this Monday, January 24th, 7-11pm (PST) on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. 87.9FM in SF, Tune in.

    John Hell

  2. Sounds much work to cover...


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