Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Voices of Dust – Demdike Stare / Samhain Slant Azimuth Vol 1 – Anworth Kirk & Demdike Stare

I have heard the future of post-hauntological industrial voodoo and its name is Demdike Stare.

Their third release is now out. This how the tracks might be described if it was an album of library music...

1.  Black Sun – ambient drone, deep bass
2.  Hashashin Chant – industrial, repetitive chant, percussion
3.  Repository of Light – gloomy droning, slow beat, techno rhythm,   increasingly noisy
4.  Of Decay and Shadows – menacing atmosphere, bass synthesizer throbbing pulse
5.  Rain and Shame – heavy ambient with techno rhythm on synthesizer
6.  Desert Ascetic - slow pounding beat, heavy bass, vocal chant, percussive
7.  Viento de Levanter – ambient, pounding percussion, male vocal, percussive
8.  Leptonic Matter – ambient, dark atmosphere
9.  Tale of Sand – ambient, sinister atmosphere

Also available, a CD mix made by DS and AK, comprising of many samples from obscure cinematic and record sources, thus creating the perfect soundtrack to a horror film in your head. Amazing.


  1. YES! great record, good summary. See also:


  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Good blog you have there.
    DS are making some of the most interesting sounds around. I'm sure they would get the No.1 Xmas slot if they released a single...


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