Saturday, 27 November 2010

Marquee Club Flyers - See The Jam for £1.50!

Whilst going through the vast archive of cultural treasures (that’s a couples of cardboard boxes at the bottom of a cupboard) here in the bunker I came across these and thought some of you kids might like to see what went on in ye olde days, or older kids may enjoy the nostalgia. Yes, you could have seen The Jam for £1.50, or better still, The Lurkers for 65p (Ha! Joke for my friend Richard). I think I went to see The Boys, who I was pretty keen on. Like the 60s, if you remember Punk, you weren’t drunk enough (something like that), and as I demonstrated in my piece on The Clash gig, I was usually drunk. I don’t know who I saw the following month, but it’s funny to see Dire Straits there, for 70p. As we used say about acts we didn’t like back then, I wouldn’t draw the curtains if they were playing in the back garden.


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