Thursday, 11 February 2010

Larry Kent - 'Sensational Book-length Novels'

'Thrills galore grip you as this unconventional detective plunges into tough crime-beating adventures, each one something new. That is why Larry Kent's popularity keeps on growing.'

'He hates crime...and loves dames!'


  1. these are going for quite a bit of cash on eBay. Selling from Australia... was it an Australian imprint by any chance? Love those covers.

  2. Yes.
    Great, aren't they? Got mine for £3 each so I did OK. I had no idea of their value when I bought them. Mind you, the online market's full of insanely optimistic sellers, isn't it? Look at the price of my book on Amazon (!)
    This is starting to get a bit Antiques Roadshow! "Insure them for seven-ninety-nine? Wow! I'd never sell them, of course" (goes straight to ebay)...

  3. Yes, it's nuts, isn't it? I once saw a copy of mine going on Amazon for something like sixty quid. Madness. I doubt anyone bought it. I HOPE no-one bought it... they certainly didnt send ME any money for it. Bah.

  4. Mine reached nearly £100 at one point (American seller)...! It's funny, some people still assume I'm making money from these sales. The same kinds of people say things like "When's it being published?" if I mention that I'm writing a novel. I try to avoid mentioning the fact that I'm writing...mainly because explaining what I'm doing seems to be impossible, and beyond their comprehension. It's not easy being part of the new avant-garde - heh-heh.


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