Friday, 22 January 2010

Connecting French...Another ‘Histoire’...Melody Nelson

I'm posting this in case you're even slower than me in picking up on the genius of this album. I'm ashamed, really, but there you go. I tell myself I can't have heard every brilliant record, even at my age.
Sublime string arrangements by Jean-Claude Vannier, funky Herbie Flowers on bass, and fine guitar-playing by Alan Parker, especially on ‘En Melody’ - under 30mins of aural ecstasy (oo-er...can their be a more appropriate word to describe Serge at his best?).
Here’s a tale of pervy SG driving his Roller, hitting a girl who is only fourteen and, of course, falling in love...what a dirty rotter, as Steve Jones might say.
If you want the lyrics translated into English, they're here. (Sample: 'The surrounding walls/Of the labyrinth/Open up on the inifinite' Ah they don't write 'em like that anymore).
This album's retained its modernity (it was released in '71) through being sampled both literally and stylistically, although lush strings and a funky breakbeat may not be de rigueur, these days. How would I know? I’m miles behind what’s happening now, just as I was miles behind everyone with good ears in discovering this masterpiece.

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