Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Is That Me?


   "Is that you?" Asked the middle-aged American woman behind the counter as I put the book down.
   How could I answer? I just chuckled and said "No." I thought she was simply saying I looked like Bill. But I was wearing a cap, not a trilby.
   She stared down at the cover, saying "It looks like you," in a level tone, not laughing, barely smiling.
   She couldn't really think it was me, or that I would be buying a biography about myself. Yet the way she said it gave the impression that she could almost be thinking that.


  1. You were obviously exuding essence of Literary Outlaw, Robin.

  2. Yeah...'Literary Outlaw' courtesy of Hugo Boss...ideal Xmas present...get mistaken for Bukowski, Kerouac, Joyce...and Stewart Home, even...

  3. True, I could have been buying a Jeffrey Archer novel...


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