Thursday, 22 October 2009

William Burroughs - The Ticket That Exploded, Olympia Press

This came into my possession recently and I handle it as if it's a sacred document...perhaps it is...and I wonder what kind of journey it's taken over the last 47yrs and who's handled it in all that time and where...Paris? London? Rome? Tangiers? Read by beatniks, scholars, hippies, plain curious readers, collectors of obscene books...perverts? priests? (unlikely) policemen...?

The first difference I notice between this and the Flamingo Modern Classic edition is that the Olympia Press version begins with the Winds Of Time section, not 'see the action, B.J?'...and the 'Time' which ends in a strange bed has a capital 'T' but in the Flamingo version does not (a further browse reveals many more words capped in the older edition). combat troops in the area ends with the words 'Like this:' but in the Flamingo version continues for another five pages. No wonder Burroughs scholars have so much to sink their teeth into. There may be other differences between the two versions...there to be discovered...if I wish to spend more time...or is it Time?

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  1. Quite a lot of differences between the two versions, actually. I'm working on a piece about that right now.


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