Friday, 19 December 2014

Application - Applied Remixes (Dust Science)

Remix this, that and the other...remix remix.....your life? What if you could have that remixed - who would you choose to do it? Who would you trust with your life? Apart from a surgeon, not Surgeon, 'cause he'd bang it into a series of metronomic episodes consisting, potentially, of some violence? I dunno. This life/music analogy....can it work? The remixer as God. (who?). You know, unless you thrill to formulaic Techno (who's formula?) would you want it as a template for your life? OK, it could be seen as an exciting prospect in terms of speed....the rush? Living like Neal Cassady? (idealised mythological version). But....a little too regular...which could be interpreted as stable, of course.

No, you want your life remixed as an interesting, complex yet compelling story of subtle shades, fine detail...and some big sub-bass moments, don't you? I do. Andy Weatherall made Primal Scream interesting, but I wouldn't ask him. A Jazz remix? Where's Teo Macero when you need him? Not that he remixed Miles Davis, but cut him down to a size that worked for vinyl...then digital tech allowed the long original material to live it's full life. Get in Lee Perry? 40 years ago, maybe.

On the evidence here I'm getting Beneath to remix my story. I'll ask if he'll erase all the monotony of Work and spice up the sex. He does a great job on Flange 7. Just the right mix of momentum, detail and bass. Pye Audio Corner made Front End a Pye Audio Corner track, which is one way of doing things and would excite PAC fans, presumably. I'm not such a fan these days, but he never makes awful music. Scanner's here too, remaking Ambient B - my ol' mate Scanner, who's not actually an old mate, just someone I knew from wa-a-ay back in the mid-90s, so long ago that Electronica was new and exciting and I played it at The Rumpus Room. And Russell Haswell, he's here, he's the man you message for edgy attitude 'cause that's what he's about so he takes a hammer to Cron Job. Steve Reich's Ice Cream Van is a great title for a track - I didn't know he had one (is every cone topped with serial? ha-ha=ha-ha....sorry). Mark Fell makes it 11 mins long...and....there's isn't much to say anything being so minimal...

Listen here

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